DavesMotleyProjects.com Website

“The hardest part of every project is getting started.”

I created this website to store content on a variety of subjects in order to make starting projects easier. Although the site is primarily written for myself, I strive to present information in a way that I think would also be helpful to others. I have attempted to keep the content simple enough that it is useful to those that are interested in learning about a subject and could use a little help getting started. In practice, finding the right balance between simple and detailed is harder than it sounds, and I find that I occasionally skip steps that seem "obvious", but really aren't. If you find any of these, please provide feedback, or, if you would like a more detailed explanation on a subject, let me know. I'm always looking for something new to investigate.


MSP430 Development Board Operating Environment

This web page provides resources for using the MSP430F5529LP LaunchPad development board from Texas Instruments including detailed instructions and code examples using a custom Operating Environment that is provided to make using the development board quick and easy. The Operating Environment provided is intended to be easily understood, easily modified, and easily adapted to larger projects.


Raspberry Pi Single Board Linux Computer

This web page provides instructions and content for using the Raspberry Pi single board Linux computer. This is a powerful development board with significant community support that can be used to provide powerful features to any project. The focus of this web page is the use of the Raspberry Pi's low level hardware (UART, I2C, SPI, and GPIO) and the ability to auto-launch Python scripting at power-on to create a variety of automation projects.


Ham Radio Topics and Projects

This web page provides a jumping point for a variety of Ham Radio topics. A large part of the topics will cover software defined radios. This is a fast-growing area, and there are lots of options for both hardware and software available. It is an exciting area to explore, and there are plenty of options to be able to jump into this hobby without much investment. There are some very inexpensive SDR dongles, much of the software is free and open-source, and there is a large community of people who would be exploring this hobby with you.


Python Programming

This web page provides information on Python programming. The intention is to provide information on some of the more obtuse subjects such as plotting and animation, parsing command line arguments, handling subprocesses, creating GUIs, and packaging and delivering executables, etc.